Hemingway’s Advice on Writing

Arnold Samuelson, whose only book titled With Hemingway: A Year in Key West and Cuba was published after his death, got Hemingway's advice on writing as follows (see further by CURT ERIKSMOEN.) "When you go over it [revise the manuscript], cut out everything you can. The main thing is to know what to leave out. The … Continue reading Hemingway’s Advice on Writing


News Writing and Editing for the Corporate Communicator Workshop

TVU Office for Communication will be holding a news writing workshop to train corporate communicator how to write and edit news. We will show you all the secrets to writing and editing news articles. If you have a piece of news (news article) you want to prepare and/or improve, please bring it along.

Trans. 3 Test. Suggested Translation

SUGGESTED TRANSLATION by HO DAC TUC for Translation 3 410274  TEST  16.11.17  Dear English Majors Year 4: compare your translation to mine, below:   TASK 1:                            THE CIVILIZATION OF INDIA IN SCIENCE Ancient Hindu scholars expressed their science in poetic form, and gave to mathematical problems a grace characteristic of India's Golden Age. The paragraph in quotation … Continue reading Trans. 3 Test. Suggested Translation

Translation 3 Syllabus Term 1 2017-18

Group 4 Class DA14NNA: Please download the following readings for the course. Note my general course schedule. A more detailed explanation will be given in class. Course Schedule Translation 3_Term 1_2017-18_GENERAL In Brief__STUDENT_Common Law and Civil Law Cao 2007 lesson 11 Legal Terminological Issues in Translation_Chapter 4 You are also expected to read a literary … Continue reading Translation 3 Syllabus Term 1 2017-18